Work With Me

I am a person who is totally committed to my coaching practice as I know that being present and offering the best value to my clients will give them the best value. That’s why with all my programmes I offer my ‘Everything-to-gain-nothing-to-lose’ Guarantee

‘Unleash The Real You Programme’

13 life-changing sessions lasting 60 minutes. Here is a glimpse of what you will be exposed to:

Goal setting

Milestones – The stepping stones to your success.

Beliefs – How your beliefs move you closer to success.

Motivation – Breaking down negative self-beliefs and rebuilding empowering ones.

Values – Adopting a value structure for ultimate success

6 Human Needs – How are you getting yours met?

Projection and Communication – How does projection impact us?

Mind Questioning and How it Benefits You – Empowering techniques for your success

Life Purpose & How To Live Yours

Long-term Goal setting

The Importance of Reflection – How it benefits us and drives us forward

Group Coaching

Experience all the benefits of the ‘Unleash The Real You’ Coaching Programme plus the benefits that group coaching offers as well.

Couples Coaching

Do you and your partner have a goal you’ve always wanted to go for? What’s been stopping you? Time? Money? Receive all the benefits of the ‘Unleash The Real You’ programme plus the benefits which being a couple offers as well.