Unleash The Real You Coaching Programme

13 life-changing sessions lasting 60 minutes. Here is a glimpse of what you will be exposed to:

Goal setting

Milestones – The stepping stones to your success.

Beliefs – How your beliefs move you closer to success.

Motivation – Breaking down negative self-beliefs and rebuilding empowering ones.

Values – Adopting a value structure for ultimate success

6 Human Needs – How are you getting yours met?

Projection and Communication – How does projection impact us?

Mind Questioning and How it Benefits You – Empowering techniques for your success

Life Purpose & How To Live Yours

Long-term Goal setting

The Importance of Reflection – How it benefits us and drives us forward.

In addition you will also receive:

*Thirteen 60 minute sessions in the comfort of your own home environment.

*Practical activities that will enhance the learning so you will feel the joy of achievement and momentum and move forward towards your dream life.

*Easy-to-understand theory on how our mind works so we can use it to our advantage PLUS practical activities on how to hone your mind to unleash its true power. You can use the activities as soon as you learn them!

*Everything-to-gain-nothing-to-lose guarantee

*Accountability videos sent to you in between sessions to keep you inspired and on track.

*Unlimited email access to my time. I will use my time wisely to email you back any questions or queries on how to eliminate old habits (which are dragging you down) and concentrate on what you really want.


*Walk away from my coaching with a clear plan of exactly what you want and what metaphysical (mind work/exercises) and physical (physical action) steps you need to take to get there.

*A mind free from frustration, anxiety and regret.

*100% confidence and belief in your inner ability to get what you really want.

*Trust in your intuition and your decision making. You won’t be second-guessing yourself again.

*The tools and techniques to double (multiply) your productivity.

*Unshakeable self-worth that will have everyone saying, “HOW do they do it?!”

I am confident that if you (the client) put in the work that is designed in the “Release The Real You” Coaching Programme and give 100% commitment for every coaching session, then there is no reason why the above results are not possible for everyone.

In turn, I promise to give 100% in my coaching commitment towards you to achieve the results you want. If you believe that I have not ‘turned up’ to a coaching session with your best interests at heart then you are entitled to my ‘Everything-to-gain-nothing-to-lose’ Guarantee.

Investment: £50 per session (1 to 1 coaching)

Full Programme: 13 Sessions (1 to 1 coaching)

12 x £50 (First Session free!) = £600

Note: Through Skype I offer coaching sessions all over the world. See currency converter to see pricing in your country’s currency.