“Having Pete as my life coach has been life changing! I have always been very interested in goal setting and positive mindsets and to have it all set out step by step in a practical program was a game-changer for me. Pete gives you the tools and strategies to live the life you have always dreamed of. He has the ability to take you to the next level of your life, smash your goals, and be the very best you can be. Pete is not only inspirational, but also very practical and witty- the perfect balance to keep you on track and excited about the program. His personality, passion, drive and focus has made a big difference in my life and will to many others. I would recommend him to everyone!”

Brooke Nelson – Nanny and Educator

“I found Peter to be extremely professional in his approach. He has a comprehensive understanding of his coaching tools and presents his sessions in a clear and logical manner that instils both admiration and desire to achieve in the client.  He was able to assist me with goal setting and the clarity with which he guided me was both motivating and original. After one session I felt I was able to commit to my action steps and looked forward to achieving my goals. Anyone entering into a coaching session with Peter is certainly privileged and has made an excellent decision in their choice of life coaches.  His clients will indeed become the best version of themselves. They will be challenged and undergo major shifts on their journey. Peter will change their lives!”

Helen Hattingh – Certified Life Coach

“I started doing life coaching with Peter 6 months ago… and I can’t believe how much different my life is now!!  I can’t express with words this experience … it’s been a journey of self-discovery hand by hand with not just a professional but with an amazing person who is a raw example himself, so inspiring!

These sessions are supported by a scientific-based theory which gives you real tools to face situations in life, rewiring your brain, getting new habits…all this mixed with Peter’s human sensitivity that makes the interaction so easy and trustworthy.

Thanks Peter for making a positive impact in my life”

Rosana Martinez – Professional Yoga and Dance Teacher

“Pete is a passionate coach. He has a genuine enthusiasm when it comes to helping others ‘be their best’ and the practical strategies he offers have truly helped us obtain success in multiple areas of our lives. We embarked on a journey around Australia with our own educational business and Pete’s guidance and wisdom has been a lighthouse of support.” 

Ben & Bree – Business Owners/Entrepreneurs of Games & Gadgets Australia

“As a Mumpreneur, I always felt run off my feet. I was constantly chasing things up, looking after my clients and dealing with the day-to-day running of my business, PLUS, trying to make sure I had enough time for my family, as well as for myself (something a lot of us Mumpreneurs always seem to put last).

There simply weren’t enough hours in the day!

That’s when I had a session with Pete. Pete helped me sort out the mess that I had going on in my head, prioritise my goals and show me how to achieve them with simple, consistent steps. After my first session, I knew EXACTLY where I was headed & what I needed to do to get there.

Some of the techniques Pete used in our session I had not seen or heard of before, but I LOVED them! Everything just made sense.

If you are looking for some clarity or direction in your life, I can’t recommend Peter Walter Coaching highly enough! “

Brydie Jay Kiem – Mother, Entrepreneur and Business Owner