Group Coaching

In group coaching you will receive all the benefits of the ‘Unleash The Real You Coaching Programme’ at a reduced rate plus you will receive all the benefits which group coaching provides:

*Cost effective: You will receive the same resources as you would if you were coached one-to-one plus have the opportunity of honest feedback from your coach and other group members.

*You will be ‘surrounded’ by like minded people who, even though you won’t all have the same specific goal, will all share a common goal of wanting to improve themselves and make the most of their 2 most valuable assets; Their time and mind.

*Each one of you in the group is a valuable resource. Sometimes what seems like a challenging next step one person will come naturally to other group members and vice versa. Having another’s perspective and input will always benefit you.

*You have the opportunity to form ‘mastermind’ groups from the people you meet. Again another free resource that you have at your disposal if you choose to set it up. (I can help get you started if you need help with that).

*Having others surround you so you don’t feel ‘put on the spot’ for clients who are more introverted but still want the benefits of coaching.

*To be inspired by others around you. Going through a life-changing journey with others and sharing your ups and downs along the way (yes you will have both!) is a great way to motivate oneself to be the best they can be. Plus the group mentality to prop up others will definitely apply here.

Investment: £35 per session (minimum 2 people per group)

Full Programme: 13 Sessions (group coaching)

12 x £35 (First Session free!) = £420 per person (minimum 2 people per group)

Note: Through Skype I offer coaching sessions all over the world. See currency converter to see pricing in your country’s currency.