Couples Coaching

Couples coaching is a very powerful way to get what you both want out of life in a more affordable way. The benefits of couples coaching are numerous:

*You will literally share a common goal that you both want in your life.

*The majority of couples have already achieved so much together so they know they can depend on each other when they need to.

*You can play to each other’s strengths. Assigning tasks and action steps to each other’s strengths will be less stressful than trying to achieve everything yourself and if you are completing a task which is your strength there will be no pressure as you know you have the skills to get it done already.

*You can approach change and discomfort together. In the above point I mentioned that there will be no pressure as you can both play to your strengths. However, if you haven’t realised already, change, and ultimately achieving your goals, will require discomfort. If you had the skills already you would already have what you want. Coaching will make you even stronger and give you tried and tested ‘tools’ to handle this.

*Going for a big goal together will build your relationship and make you stronger as a team. The camaraderie that will inevitably emerge when working together will make you stronger as a couple.

*Its fun. Think about when you have both put in 100% and you are at the place where you want to be. Perhaps you’ve taken the next step in your careers or you are at the fittest you’ve ever been. To share that with your life partner can only be a fun thing.

Investment: £35 per person per session/£70 per couple per session

Full Programme: 13 Sessions (couples coaching)

12 x £35(First Session free!) = £420 per person/£820 per couple

Note: Through Skype I offer coaching sessions all over the world. See currency converter to see pricing in your country’s currency.