Trust The Process – The Spiritual Approach To Learning Lessons

Trust is built when we are just babies!

This week’s article was a tough one for me to write because I did not want to sound hypocritical. I always endorse to have a vision, turn that vision into a plan and work towards your plan, which along the way will require identity traits such as determination, resilience and the ability to be feel the fear and do it anyway.

However, despite the best intentions and actions taken toward them, our plans will sometimes differ off course. As always I am slowly learning that life sometimes has other plans for us which turn out to be the best for us. The trick is to still constantly put in the work and TRUST that the universe, God or whatever higher power is out there has the right path for you.

Is There Something Out There Bigger Than Ourselves?

I do not want to turn this article into a religious debate, but to make it clear I am a spiritual person. I do believe there is a power, an energy, that is bigger than ourselves. Different people may call these different things; some call it God, the power of the universe, whatever you want to call it, I believe we live in a universe of energy.

At times, and I’m sure readers can relate, that I can pick up a certain vibe from people. This to me is the energy that they are broadcasting to the world. Is their vibe right? Is it wrong? To me the question should be do I align with that vibration, that energy.

“Your intuition is there for a reason”

“The Universe Has My Back,” Is NO Excuse For Non-Action

Again, to reiterate I do not want to turn this article into a spiritual debate, but I do believe people get the wrong idea when they here successful people – those who have achieved what they set out to do – talk about attracting what they want to them or that taboo phrase ‘The Law Of Attraction”.

Action is still required when we trust the

My personal belief is that the universe does has our back and is looking out for us however we MUST still always set our intention, our goals, put a plan of action to get those goals and build up actions and eventually habits that will support us in getting those goals.

“Always visualise and set your intention.”

The TRUST process comes when we have put the work in; we have set our gaols and action plan and we are using the core life-skills and identity traits that will get us there; determination, discipline, resilience, joy and integrity. (You can insert whatever identity traits you like!) Despite these best intentions why do we keep getting these ‘nudges’ to slightly alter our original plan? Should we give up on our dreams? No. Are they still worth pursuing? Of course!

Personal Examples Of The Universe Looking Out For Me

A couple of years ago my partner and I wanted to buy a house. We were living in London at the time and we were renting. During this time of our lives we did not have kids and we were working long hours in our jobs as teachers. We used our holidays to travel and see the world. We were not really looking to buy a house at this stage.

We were offered some financial assistance from someone close to us to buy a house in London. It was a very generous offer and I guess, financially it made sense. These blogs were not invented to be a platform for complaining so I will cut a very long story short. We searched around for houses and found one that was OK. Deep down in my heart it just didn’t feel right. We had savings but I thought we needed more.

The universe is always providing
for us.

After some ‘conversations’ the offer never eventuated and we never bought the house in London. (To make it absolutely clear I do not blame anyone. We were not ready to buy – simple as that!)

“It was one of the best things that ever happened to us!”

Fast forward 3 years we had more savings, we had a child and we were not keen to live in a city anymore. We found the house that we wanted 40 miles outside of London which we bought and we’re now happily living here; the fresh air, space for our son to move, access to amenities, we have it all.

Would this have happened if we had bought the house in London? No, probably, well not in the same way. Looking back I wonder why we had to go through some awkward and painful conversations. It was a lesson. The universe was looking out for us. It had a better plan for us, we just had to be patient and faith.

I am taking a guess here but the universe needed us to learn some lessons about saving, budgeting and making priorities. Having our son really helped focus our priorities. Also it was a great lesson to me that if it doesn’t feel right at the time, there is probably a reason for it.

I am new to this trust process so I will give my opinion here. I believe the universe did see our intention that we wanted our house but deep down in our hearts we did not want to buy in London. We went through this experience of not getting the house the first time because the universe had a better house in mind for us a couple of years down the track.

Yes, I am learning how to trust intuition and the universe.

Moving Abroad

It’s been over 10 years now since I packed my bags and left my homeland of Australia and moved to the UK. At the time I had just finished my teaching degree and was doing some casual teaching here and there. I had always wanted to travel so I decided that since I had my teaching degree I could teach in The UK and travel Europe in my holidays. Trust me I am not the first Aussie to do this!

When applying for my Visa I met all the criteria. Part of the criteria meant that I had to have a certain amount of cash in the bank to say that I could support myself, which I did, though it did not leave much money left over to buy essentials like warmer clothes, a new backpack and other travelling items that pop up.

Being a teacher I knew I could be resourceful and tough it out. Here is where the cool part comes in. 6 weeks before flying out, I got a letter from one of my lecturers at the university I studied at. Long story short it said that I was one of twenty people who had been chosen to receive $2000 Australian dollars from a science scholarship which I could spend on whatever I wanted!

Now, I did not apply for a scholarship and I did not know that the university offered science scholarships. I did an Education degree which involved learning about science to teach youngsters. I was hardly a scientist. But here I was with a $2000 check in my hand. Thank you, universe. You were certainly looking out for me on that day!

How To Implement Trust Into Your Life

As I always advocate putting in the time and work will help you build up identity traits which will benefit your life. In this case we want to build up Trust or Faith. I like to use my journal, some people use the audio on their phone, and look at setbacks and ‘failures’ that crop up when you are on your goal journey.

Ask yourself great questions. Instead of saying, “Why does this always happen to me?” you could replace that with, “What lesson can I learn here?” or “Is there a reason why I am getting nudged in this direction?”

As you reflect, look at the positive way that your life turned out because a certain event didn’t happen, happened slightly differently, or happened at a slightly different time. Remember, to always focus on the positive reasons on why something happened and you will more than likely see that it was to your benefit.

What actions can you do now to start building up

your trust?

What worries did you have that turned out to be nothing at all? Take your mind back and experience the emotions that you felt when everything turned out OK. Now that you have those emotions at the forefront of your mind you can future pace (visualise) yourself in the future already having achieved what you have set out to achieve. That feeling of trusting the universe that if you set the intention (goal) and work towards it (plan) then everything will be just fine, even if the plan wasn’t perfectly executed.

If I could paraphrase subconscious reprogramming expert Jim Fortin here,

“Everything always has been, is now, and always will be fine!”

Article In A Nutshell

I think that it is paramount that we have a plan in life or we will drift around aimlessly, and what a waste of a precious life that would be! Successful people – people who have achieved what they’ve set out to do – have always had a vision, turned that vision into goal and that put the actions in to achieve those goals. Now it doesn’t take an expert to realise that things won’t always go according to plan. However if the vision and action is there, having trust in the universe, God or whatever higher power you believe in will make sure that your dream comes into fruition.

One Reply to “Trust The Process – The Spiritual Approach To Learning Lessons”

  1. Great article bro. Trust in a higher power, but living with intention and taking action on what we want when it presents itself. Get the most out of life.


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