Do You suffer with Anxiety and Overthinking?

“Anxiety is the feeling of discomfort from worry or fear that can be mild or severe and affect your day-to-day living”

Hi I’m Peter Walter, certified coach and life-long learner. I coach people to locate their source of anxiety and give them practical mind management tools to understand and thrive in all areas of their life.

“Anxiety is not discriminatory. It can happen to anyone from any walk of life.”

Yes, I have suffered anxiety for many years. read my full story here

In my case my discomfort came from overthinking:

Playing The ‘What If’ Game: This is where your mind imagines the worst case scenario and plays these negative consequences over and over in your head. “What if this happens? What if that happens? If this happens then surely this must happen as well.”

It’s a viscous cycle

Worrying About What Others Think: Constantly obsessing over what others may think of us or what might happen if a certain situation – which hasn’t even happened yet – occurs,

Ironically, those situations never happened, and if they did they were not a big deal.

Living In The Past: Playing out scenarios in your head that happened in the past and most like likely many years ago. This situation is normally a negative one and your mind plays the scenario over and over in your head and in your head you say or do what you would have liked to have said all those years ago.

What a waste of time and energy this was for me.

Other People Not Acting How We Want Them To: Waiting for others to change or to act in a certain way. I found out the hard way that this was a great cause for overthinking and anxiety.

I wasted a lot of energy on basing my happiness on how others live their life.

Not Being Aligned With Your Purpose: I had learnt a lot about how the mind works and why we have anxiety though I was still experiencing the discomfort of overthinking. I found out that I was not living a life true to my values, and hence I was not aligned with my purpose.

Not everyone experiences anxiety with what they do for a living but for me it was huge. Living a life true to my values was a huge relief from anxiety.

Anxiety is not discriminatory

You can be highly educated, live the modern life, have a family, be active in your workplace and community but anxiety can still find you. Just know that you are not alone.

If the above resonates with you then don’t fret, I am here to help.

The Difference Between Coaching and Therapy

Coaching is different to therapy and counselling in a number of ways. Therapy is more focused on diagnosed anxiety disorders and within sessions you may investigate causes for the anxiety, looking back to the past for explanations. Coaching is very much about looking forward and you, the client, taking positive action steps towards the life you want without needing to explore the past.

With coaching we set goals for how you want to feel and be, and actions to keep you moving towards the goals. As your coach I ask powerful questions, listen, inspire, I hold you accountable, give you practical tools and support you to stay in positive action. If you ask me, I may make suggestions, provide resources and support but I don’t give instructions or tell you what to do. Coaching is very much about empowering you the client to self-actualise and do the work to keep the momentum going to move towards your goals.

“I found Peter to be extremely professional in his approach. He has a comprehensive understanding of his coaching tools and presents his sessions in a clear and logical manner that instils both admiration and desire to achieve in the client.  He was able to assist me with goal setting and the clarity with which he guided me was both motivating and original. After one session I felt I was able to commit to my action steps and looked forward to achieving my goals. Anyone entering into a coaching session with Peter is certainly privileged and has made an excellent decision in their choice of life coaches.  His clients will indeed become the best version of themselves. They will be challenged and undergo major shifts on their journey. Peter will change their lives!”

Helen Hattingh – Certified Life Coach

Typical Session

A typical session with me has the following structure:

*Meet and greet. Get into the present moment.

*Go through homework exercises and celebrate the wins and the places where we need to keep going.

*We will look at your goal and the action steps that you took and how they are helping you move closer to your goal. Again celebrate wins and revisit certain tools and activities if needed.

*A part of the session will be learning a new piece of information on how our mind works on how you can apply it to your life. For example in one of the sessions we will look at how beliefs are formed and how we can form new ones. Armed with this new information you can start about making plans to implement this into your life.

*Set homework tasks to reinforce the new information you have learnt.

*Set action steps of how you can apply what you have learnt in your life to take you closer to your goal.

*Recap of what you have learnt.